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Transforming Lives With Water
Safe Water Network India is a not-for-profit Trust, registered on October 16, 2009, committed to bringing clean, affordable drinking water to the quality-affected habitations in India. We advance affordable models for water service delivery, prove their sustainability, share sector knowledge and work with others to take models to scale.
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Safe Water Network India's iJal Brand

With endorsements from local governance, our “iJal” Water Stations are owned and operated by the community and/or local entrepreneur. Our field team and partners bring operating and financial rigor to ensure reliable and sustainable access to safe water, affordable to all members of the community.  With field initiatives in Telangana, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh, iJal water stations are providing water access to more than a million people.

We track monthly key performance indicators of each iJal station to ensure sustainability.  Our service, operating and technical innovations help reduce costs and overcome the barriers to sustainability.  Remote monitoring, consumer activation, water resource management, digital tools and technical capacity building are examples of our ongoing commitment to improve safe water access for those in need. 

Safe Water Network India's Commitment to Building Sector Knowledge

Our Knowledge vertical builds upon the sector’s existing knowledge base through our monitoring & evaluation programs and ongoing operational, consumer and market analyses. We document best practices and publish Field Insights, market assessments and knowledge papers to share our learning and perspective.

Our annual Beyond the Pipe Forum and related workshops engage key stakeholders, including Government, corporates, financial institutions, multilaterals and the civil society. 


We envision a world with thriving, healthy communities, managing their own sustainable supply of clean water. Our mission is to develop and scale affordable, reliable safe water solutions for poor, document learnings, share sector knowledge and build partnerships to reach millions in need.

Our Progress in India

In collaboration with local, national and international partners, our India team is overseeing an iJal expansion program to demonstrate the potential for replication of our model at scale. Our expansion plans include cost-effective technical support and an affordable supply chain for clusters of iJal Stations located in geographic proximity.

2015 GOAL

Expansions in India

Building off of our success in more than 285 communities, we are now expanding to reach more people and prove our model can be broadly replicated.
India's newest state, where over three million people lack access to safe water.
One of India’s poorest districts is in one of the country's wealthiest states.
The Taj Mahal is located here, yet many in Uttar Pradesh suffer from unsafe water.

Safe Water Network has worked with dozens of communities in four different states to provide over 300,000 people affordable access to reliable safe water.

Insights and Engagement in India

We are contributing to the sector’s existing knowledge base through evaluation of our field work and the analysis of the long-term impact of safe water on health and livelihoods. We are committed to fostering best practice and shared learning.