Field Partners

We partner with organizations in India for their specialized local knowledge. They help us in mobilizing communities, and implement health and hygiene training.

This local NGO played an important role in our rainwater harvesting program in Rajasthan, India.

Modern Architects for Rural India helps us mobilize and support communities in rural areas to develop local capacity to own and operate Safe Water Stations long-term.

Knowledge Partners

We continually optimize our approach, and solutions partners provide specialized skills to solve well-defined challenges. Their support has helped us with initiatives from demand generation to remote monitoring.

Dialogue Factory, an experiential marketing company based in India, provides innovative consumer campaigns for our work in India.

IMRB International provides valuable market research and consumer insight for our consumer activation programs in India.

Innovation Partners

Some of the world’s leading organizations support us with financial resources. Our funding partners come from a range of sectors, including governments, national and global corporations, and foundations.


ADP is setting up two iJal stations to support the vision of affordable and easily accessible supply to clean water for communities in the state of Telangana.

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) provides important funding for our expansion program in Maharashtra, India's second most populace state.

The Cisco Foundation provided funding for our phase one Cloud-based Site Assessment tools.

Honeywell India is partnering with Safe Water Network to fund the construction of iJal Safe Water Stations in Telangana—serving more than 300,000 people.

Macquarie Group has funded Safe Water Network India as part of their CSR initiatives, which will be used for setting up three solar enabled iJal stations in villages or peri urban areas around the existing Maharashtra cluster in Bhandara district.

Merck Foundation has provided multi-year financial support and resources for our work in India to create demand generation programs, impact studies and install Safe Water Stations.

Oracle is supporting Safe Water Network India in setting up four iJal stations that will provide safe water access to about 15,000 people.

The Pentair Foundation provided support for two Safe Water Stations in the Telangana region of India, and has recently renewed its funding for our three-year AP expansion phase (2014-2016).

A founding Safe Water Network supporter, the PepsiCo Foundation has provided important funding for our field initiatives in India since our inception in 2006.

The Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT) has supported Safe Water Network since 2010, helping launch the Small Water Enterprise Kiosk project and other field initiatives in India.

The India Water Partnership provides important funding to support our water resource management activities.

Starr International Foundation has provided multi-year funding for our field initiatives in both India and Ghana.


Underwriters Laboratories provided the technical assistance to help us develop the water protocol procedures to maintain consistent safe water output in our Safe Water Stations.